People talk about food photography more and more often, not always giving it the right meaning. I am not referring to foodporn or similar crap overflowing on social networking sites.

I am talking of showing food in its most relevant beauty,of managing to hide flaws and enhancing the best parts of it, through a play of light and perspective, and looking for the right balance between technique and feelings, which makes the difference between a good result and a mediocre one. 
Specifically, food photography, if compared to other genres, underlines more the importance of the background, which is very often underestimated.

Do not be afraid of showing it, just show it off. A photo does not need to be full of objects, one can choose to let his photo “breathe”. A really catching background can change things enormously.
Shabby panels you would throw away turn out to be perfect for our composition, worn-out wooden planks, abandoned in the street, will find a new purpose inside our photo.Simple or coloured paper sheets will give different effects to our background, which must always be combined with what we are photographing carefully, bearing in mind both pattern and colours.
The following image is an example. Made with an old shutter and a piece of paper, the picture manages to combine the background and the subject, recalling pattern and colours. A simple natural light from a cloudy day, handled in the right way, makes this picture one of my favourites.

Nevertheless do not be bewildered by stereotypes. An old dirty wooden plank won’t necessarily make your picture a rustic one. With the right composition and modern decor you could change the idea completely.

It’s a challenge to go on looking for something unusual, simply visiting industrial areas or garbage dumps. To conclude, I urge you should experience and let yourself inspired by what surrounds you, finding an original mark.

Posted by Fabio Bascetta

Born in Bologna (Italy), from over 9 years had a passion for photography. After studying analogue photography, learn by himself the digital photography with the use of photo editing. Appreciates and prefers food photography but does not disdain any other photographic genre. He has made several photographs, some of which, are visible in this gallery. He has made several photographic services in partnership with a few restaurants. He also worked as a photographer of architecture for an international company. Each photograph on this site has been composed, lit, photographed and post produced by himself. Site: Facebook: Instagram: 500px:

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